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In this profile we’ll take a look at Sting who’s an INFP.

INFPs tend to see the world very subjectively. They make evaluations based mainly on their personal feeling and an internal moral compass.

Almost all INFPs are artistically inclined in some way.

“I see songs not as a commodity used up when the album goes off the charts, which is often the case with pop songs. I see them as a body of work. Life should be breathed into them.”

They tend to see things subjectively and to reject labels and restrictions.

“I try to give the media as many confusing images as I can to retain my freedom. What’s real is for my children and the people I live with.”

INFP’s primary function is introverted feeling, which is the process by which they make judgements. Because of the personal, subjective nature of introverted feeling, these judgements are very difficult for an artist to delegate, and for this reason, INFPs and ISFP tend to prefer being in control of many aspects of their creations.

“I write the music, produce it and the band plays within the parameters that I set.”

Scott James

Author Scott James

Scott James is a Musician & Personality Profiler in Los Angeles, California. Read more: About Scott James

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