Introverte INtuitive Thinker Judger

INTJs are independent, logical and creative.

As kids many struggle to express themselves in satisfying ways. As adults, many find their voice through music and creative writing.

They can be known for their creativity, outside-the-box problem solving abilities, taste and intellect.

Cerebral by nature, many INTJs write deep and profound music that draws from eclectic influences. 

Many of the greatest riff-writers of all time are INTJs, including Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Their ability to alternate between the right and left sides of the brain can aid them in becoming successful artists who are both artful with language and effective strategists.

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Quotes From INTJ Musicians

"For me, I've never talked about my private life. It's always been about Black Sabbath. It's strange to open up and talk about me as a young lad, my relationships, marriages and what not."

Tony Iommi

Tony Iommi

"I think a lot of singers are shy people. I suppose singing on stage is not like talking; you are not as exposed."

Alison Goldfrapp

Alison Goldfrapp

"In the United States, workouts tend to focus on body image and how you look. For me, it's really all about the brain."

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell

"I can't think of a greater guitar icon than someone who has the musical intellect to change what was there before and take music in another direction. That's a guitar hero for me."

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Famous INTJ Musicians

  • Corey Taylor (Slipknot)
  • Derek Sivers
  • Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
  • Rob Halford (Judas Priest)
  • Dave Draiman (Disturbed)
  • Jack White (The White Stripes)
  • Moby
  • Brian Eno (Roxy Music / Producer)
  • Yo Yo Ma
  • Chris Cornell
  • Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
  • Dominic Howard (Muse)
  • Joe Satriani
  • Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains)
  • Peter Joseph
  • David Bowie
  • Mira Aroyo (Ladytron)
  • Dusty Springfield
  • Jonathan Davis (Korn)
  • David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
  • Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)
  • Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
  • Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses)
  • Flo Rida
  • Jakob Dylan
  • Clive Davis
  • John Entwhistle (The Who)
  • Neil Diamond
  • Adam Neely (Sungazer)
  • Geoff Tate (Queensryche)
  • Peter Steele (Type O Negative)
  • Tom Petty
  • Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park)
  • Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree)
  • Yoko Ono
  • Eric Johnson
  • Jay Z
  • Henry Rollins
  • 50 Cent
  • Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
  • James Hetfield (Metallica)
  • Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac)
  • Seal
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)
  • Jason Isbell
  • Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
  • Bear McCreary (Composer)
  • Mark Tremonti (Creed)
  • Eric Clapton
  • Alison Goldfrapp
  • Howard Jones (solo artist)
  • Brian May (Queen)
  • Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow)
  • Maynard James Keenan (Tool)
  • Chuck D (Public Enemy)
  • John Mayer
  • Anne Clark (St. Vincent)
  • Brendon Small (Metalocalypse / Dethklok / Galaktikon)
  • Roger Daltrey (The Who)
  • Chris DeGarmo (Queensryche)

The 8 Types of INtuitive Musicians:

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