Welcome to iNtuitive Musician!

This is a site for musicians who think outside the box.

My name is Scott James and this is where I combine my passion for understanding people and personality with my passion for music and learning.

The “iNtuitive” in iNtuitive Musician comes from the legendary Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung. Jung proposed that some people perceive the world directly with their senses and some perceive the world using their unconscious mind.

Those who see the world primarily with their senses (about 2/3 of the general population) are generally more well adjusted and “normal”. We refer to them as “Sensors”.

Those who see the world using their unconscious are more restless, creative and unusual. We refer to them as “iNtuitives”.

This site is for the restless, creative and unusual musicians looking to learn more about themselves, their art and their craft.

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