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James Hetfield is one of the most respected frontmen in the history of heavy metal. He’s the singer, rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter for Metallica.

James is an INTJ in the Myers-Briggs system.

Like INFJs, INTJs’ primary function is Introverted iNtuition. This is a largely unconscious function, which is very helpful in extracting deep insights, but functions best with time and in isolation. For this reason, many people of this type have difficulty expressing themselves in the moment and are often drawn to outlets such as music which allow them to process their thoughts and intuitions so they can be expressed more clearly.

I was a quiet, shy kid that hated talking. I hated communicating with people, ’cause I didn’t think I was very good and it is what I do now, through music. Music has given me the power, the plug, something.

I’m not the most social guy you’ll meet. I do like my space. I do like my privacy. I’m from a little different school. It’s not like, ‘Let’s all get in a big room and jam.’ I like my peace and quiet here. That allows me to make my noise and create by myself and then, when the band gets together, we take it to another level.

INTJ’s auxiliary function is Extraverted Thinking, which is bottom-line oriented and looks to achieve verifiable results. This is generally their strongest and most effective judging function. There are times, however, when their less developed tertiary function, Introverted Feeling, will show up as another side of their personality. This can show up as stubbornness and rigid idealism.

“Authority pisses me off. I think everyone should be able to drink and get loud whenever they want.”

An INTJ’s inferior function is Extraverted Sensing, which often manifests as an unconscious desire for immersive sensory experiences, which may include over-indulging in sex, food, drugs and/or alcohol. An important part of self-development for people of this type lies in the integration and mastery of these desires.

“Every time I’d go out drinking I was looking for something new. But it was the same every time. I’d wake up in some bed with some person, I had a hangover and a show to do. And the truth is, it was the same every time. But now life is… pretty interesting without the alcohol.”

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