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INFJ Cognitive Functions Chart

Roger Waters was the bass player, sometimes singer and primary writer behind some of the most successful albums of all time, including Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and “The Wall.”Roger is an INFJ in the Myers Briggs system.Much of his genius comes from his primary cognitive function, introverted intuition.

Introverted intuition sees patterns and hidden meanings, and often drives people who use it to assimilate them to a select few pursuits.

As an INFJ, his second function is extraverted feeling, which attunes him to the feelings of other people.

People of his type are often driven to impact the lives of others in meaningful ways and they tend to care deeply about connecting with other people, which isn’t always easy for them. INFJs are often as complex as they are insightful.

“…it’s no good crying for help if you’re sitting in the room all on your own, and only saying it to yourself. All of us I’m sure from time to time have formed sentences in our minds that we would like to say to someone else but we don’t say it, you know, well, that’s no use, that doesn’t help anybody, that’s just a game that you’re playing with yourself.”

Extraverted feeling combined with introverted intuition give INFJs a special ability to understand and inspire people on a very deep level.

“It’s not just a piece about the French Revolution, it’s about revolution in a much broader sense, and it’s about the capacity that human beings have for personal change. The piece is an exultation and an encouragement to those of us who believe the human race can discover its humanity and its capacity for empathy to the point where it may be possible for us at some point to guarantee the basic human rights of the individual (around the world).”

“What it comes down to for me is: Will the technologies of communication and culture — and especially popular music, which is a vast and beloved enterprise — help us to understand one another better, or will they deceive us and keep us apart?”

Overall, INFJs are usually complex, caring, creative and insightful people who seek to connect and make a difference in the lives of other people.

“I hate the word “artist,” but I would definitely concede that Roger is a great artist…as well as a total obsessive and psychiatrist’s dream.”

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