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Rod Stewart is one of the greatest selling artists of all time with over 100 million records sold. His quirky, playful, extraverted demeanor on display in the above video are traits you’ll often see from those of his personality type, ENFP.

“There is something fascinating about Stewart. Here is a man capable of writing emotionally acute, beautifully observed songs that have struck a chord with millions, yet in the flesh he is straightforwardly cheery and appears to skate across the surface of life.” – Neil McCormick, Daily Telegraph

ENFPs relate to their environment through a process called Extraverted iNtuition. This process uses a combination of various regions of the brain to intuit the relationships between people, places and things. As a result, ENFPs will often see things that are not obvious to others.

ENFPs evaluate information based on subjective feeling-based criteria, using a function called Introverted Feeling. This typically results in them being advocates of self expression and carrying a ‘live and let live’ attitude.

Overall, ENFPs can be some of the most playful, unusual and seductive of all the 16 types.

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