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Orianthi is one of the best known guitarists in popular music today. She’s played with legends such as Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Steve Vai and Michael Bolton. Her ability to play with uncommon accuracy and speed set her apart from most other musicians.

Orianthi’s personality type is ISTP. The primary function of an ISTP is Introverted Thinking. This is a lens through which then see information as it fits into a complete structure. If something doesn’t align to them within this structure, say a note in a song that doesn’t quite fit, then it will stand out to them very strongly.

This function, due to how efficiently they use it, gives them an uncommon ability to spend time alone working on perfecting technique and working out logic-related tasks such as analyzing music theory. ISTP basketball players, such as Ray Allen, Kobe Brant and Larry Bird, are often the one’s who arrive hours early to a game or practice in order to work on their shot.

The second function of an ISTP is Extraverted Sensing. This is a direct relationship with sensory information from the outside world. All Sensory-Perceiver types share this function in common and it tends to manifest in them being practical and often physically talented.

In short, ISTPs apply accuracy to the physical world. Being that this is a natural strength for them they will often seek out greater and greater physical challenges as they progress.

“It’s a journey, never stop learning.”

Scott James

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