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ENFP - Cognitive Functions Chart

In this profile we’ll take a look at Neko Case, who’s an ENFP in the Myers Briggs system.

ENFPs can be a lot of fun and are often quite charming.

Their primary process is extraverted intuition, which often drives them to explore and experiment and gives them the ability to almost instantly draw intuitive connections in the outside world.

They can be very quick and witty and often are good using quirky insights to make people laugh.

There’s a squirrel sunbathing on my roof. I’ve never seen a squirrel “relaxing” before. Weird.

Their auxiliar process is introverted feeling, which orients towards inner alignment based on personal feelings. Many ENFPs take on causes related to helping people and animals.

Case is also well known for her love of animals and her activism in making the world a better place for them.

They’re often very fun and playful, but they also usually have a strong side of them that likes to be taken seriously for their work and talent.

“I didn’t want to be the girl who posed in ‘Playboy’ and then – by the way – made some music.”

Due to their extraverted intuition, ENFPs are known to lose interest in pursuits that become routine. They tend to prefer new experiences and trying new, experimental things… like recording an album on a farm that includes a 32 minute track of frogs making.. frog sounds.

You can’t just play the same thing, over and over again.

ENFPs are often great artists, comedians and entertainers who can brighten up a room and use their gifts to help people and animals who elicit their strong sense of compassion.

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