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INTJ Cognitive Functions Chart

In this profile we’re going to look at 50 Cent, who’s of the type INTJ.

INTJ’s primary function is introverted intuition, which identifies patterns and is especially useful in distilling principles and long-term possibilities.

Their second function is extraverted thinking, which evaluates information based on verifiable external results.

Well developed INTJs can be very successful in business due to their creativity and natural ability to assess what will be effective and efficient.

An INTJ’s primary criteria for evaluating information is a thinking process, so logical effectiveness will tend to be valued above ‘feeling’.

“I’m not sensitive, I give people things exactly the way they are, and if they’re ready to absorb it, they will, and if they aren’t, they won’t.”

Being that his primary process is an introverted function (introverted intuition), 50 Cent is an introvert. You’ll often see him checking internally before he speaks. To an introvert, the inner world is their primary orientation. They re-charge by using their primary function, usually when they’re alone, and then they manage their energy and sort of ‘spend’ it from an inner energy bank. This is often most easily detected in speech. Extraverts charge when using an extraverted function and will usually project with their voice much more openly in conversation.

Highly creative INTJs can often have the challenge of creating more projects than they can manage or planning more projects than they can execute, so it’s important for them to regularly check in with their extraverted thinking process to assess the viability and effectiveness of their ideas and creations.

Interviewer: “What scares you?”
50 Cent: “Putting too many irons in the fire.”

INTJs are particularly good at seeing future possibilities and opportunities and can be very successful entrepreneurs if they’ve developed their thinking process to leverage their natural genius that comes from their introverted intuition.

“Behind me is infinite power, before me is infinite possibility, around me is endless opportunity.”

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