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Kanye West is one of the best known, most controversial and most influential figures in popular music and beyond. He’s also one of the most mis-typed musicians I’ve found.

One of the first things that often becomes evident when observing Kanye is his primary function, Introverted Feeling. Introverted Feeling evaluates information from the perspective of internal feelings, self expression and authenticity, and is the primary function for Kanye’s type, ISFP as well as INFP.

Introverted Feeling can be summed up as ‘personal truth’. In-and-of itself, it doesn’t care if this personal truth is inconvenient, if it can be objectively verified, or if it offends. It’s simply ‘the truth’ coming from a personal, subjective perspective.

“I’m totally weird, and I’m totally honest, and I’m totally inappropriate sometimes. And the thing is, for me to say I wasn’t a genius, I would just be lying to you and to myself.”

“I feel like media does everything they can to break creatives, to break artists, to break people’s spirits, and I do everything I can to break media.”

Another angle to look at when profiling Kanye is the temperaments. One of the mistypes I’ve seen of Kanye is ISFJ. Despite the fact that 3 of the 4 letters are shared with ISFP, they’re actually quite different personalities. ISFP is of the Sensor-Perceiver or Artisan temperament, whereas ISFJ is of the Sensor-Judger or Guardian temperament.

Sensor-Perceivers use a function called Extraverted Sensing to take in information about the world. As a result, they’re far more oriented to the present and to the concept of limitless possibilities in a given moment. They’re more hands-on tactile people and generally resist the idea of being confined and forced to live in an overly structured environment.

Sensor-Judgers differ in that they take in information through a different process, called Introverted Sensing. This is a process where they catalog sensory information. It informs about and orients to the things that are constant in the world. This results in a personality that’s more interested in upholding structures and traditions and living in a more orderly world.

“I refuse to follow the rules that society has set up.”

Scott James

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