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ENTJ musicians are not especially common. It took some searching, but I’ve found one: Gene Simmons of KISS.Gene has often been mistyped as ESTP, due to his hedonistic image, and propensity for self promotion

(traits that have sometimes been associated with ESTPs, who use extraverted sensing and introverted thinking as their primary functions).

On close inspection though, it’s quite clear that his primary function is extraverted thinking, which looks for externally verifiable results, particularly those that are most effective and efficient.

Their auxiliary function is Introverted Intuition which sees a myriad of perspectives and patterns from which it derives intuitive insights.

Gene’s personality is also heavily influences by his tertiary process, extraverted sensing, which he often appears to ‘play up’ in service of his extraverted thinking (i.e. by emphasizing the perception of extreme hedonism he captures the imagination of the public and enhances the value of his brand).

“Why don’t I just kill my career right now?!” – Gene Simmons on George Stroumboulopouos Tonight after his long time girlfriend Shannon Tweed revealed that they don’t actually have an open relationship, as Gene had publicly suggested many times

ENTJs are typically very take-charge people and are often leaders. They’re always looking at what’s most effective and efficient and are often very good at predicting how things will play out in the future.

“Whenever I’ve trusted the instincts of other people I lose. I discovered Van Halen. I knew this was going to be the biggest band in America at the time. I don’t know why I knew that.”

“You can`t argue with facts and figures. Either people want it, in which case they pay for it, or it`s two guys sitting around at the Plaza having a discussion, which means nothing.”

Notable Non-Musician ENTJs

  • Steve Jobs
  • Tony Robbins
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
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