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This is the second in a series of posts that celebrates the music of each iNtuitive personality type. I’ve chosen songs that I feel uniquely represent each type and that show off the gifts they have to offer. If there are any songs you think should be added to the list then please post a link in the comments section!

Best of INFJ

INFJs tend to be creative by nature and are often songwriters. Their music can range from sweet and thoughtful to challenging and impactful. Either way it often seeks to dig below the surface and express hidden truth or possibility.

Depeche Mode (Martin Gore)

INFJs often play the role of counselor, therapist or healer for their friends and family. This song, written by the band’s INFJ guitarist, Martin Gore, is an expression this.

Muse (Matt Bellamy)

Tori Amos

Prince Ea

Jessie Baylin

The Who (Pete Townshend)

This song is a great example of how INFJs’ primary function, Introverted iNtuition, can influence their self image. It allows them to access a myriad of perspectives, and when Pete Townshend turns this inward it prompts him to ask “who is the real me?”

John Williams

Florence and the Machine

This song is a great example of how INFJs’ Extraverted Sensing function influences their music.

Ali Handal

Stevie Nicks

Pink Floyd (Roger Waters)

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