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This is post number 6 in a series of posts that celebrates the music of each iNtuitive personality type. I’ve chosen songs that I feel uniquely represent each type and that show off the gifts they have to offer. If there are any songs you think should be added to the list then please post a link in the comments section!

Best of ENFJ

ENFJs are acutely attuned to the world of emotion. They can be especially skilled at presentation and aesthetics and are often involved in things like album artwork and video production. Their music tends to be emotive and is often uplifting. It can range from lighthearted and fun to deeply emotional and meaningful.

Katy Perry

Sara Bareilles

Queen Latifah

U2 (Bono)


Evanescence (Amy Lee)

Jim and Sam (Samantha Yonack)

Queen (Freddie Mercury)

Will Smith

The Fray (Joe King)

Plain White T’s (Tom Higgenson)

Owl City (Adam Young)

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