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Roger Waters - INFJ

Tori Amos - INFJINFJ is the most rare type, with the most rare type of genius.

It’s estimated that INFJs may be as rare as 1 in 100 and some will even reach adulthood without having a personal connection with a single other person of their type.

The genius of the INFJ type is a function of the brain known as Introverted iNtuition.

It’s believed that this is the most recently evolved function of the human brain, so relatively speaking, it’s new to the world. It’s also, from a certain perspective, the most evolved of the functions.

Unfortunately, since it’s so uncommon, few people are ever taught how to use it and INFJs can often feel isolated and misunderstood and may never realize their amazing potential.

With some clarity and understanding, Introverted intuition is a remarkable strength.

Matt Bellamy - INFJWhat it allows us to do is to disconnect with the present moment and environment and to tap into the unconscious mind to see the patterns and connections between people, places and things.

It gives us the ability to project patterns forward to predict trends in the future and it gives us the uncanny ability to get inside the minds of other people.

Introverted iNtuition also allows us to see through assumptions and surface level appearances.

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