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← The Cognitive Functions

Of the 8 functions, each person has one that dominates our psyche.

It’s wired into our neurology like being right or left handed.

This is the lens through which we see the world.

It affects oh…. just about everything in our lives.

Few people ever learn about this, yet I think it’s one of the most profound insights we’ve had about ourselves as a species.

174This dominant function is like a sort of operating system for the mind. Everything else plugs into it. It’s so embedded in our psyche that we’re not really aware of it and how it operates until we get enough leverage to see it.

It’s like water to a fish.

How does a fish know what water is?

It’s non existent to them unless they’re able to get out of the water to see the difference. And that’s how all of humankind have experienced life until very recently and how most people still do – like fish in water, not knowing that water exists.

(To be continued…)