The cognitive functions are the foundation of personality type. They are the processes of the brain that perceive information and evaluate it.

Our personality is formed based on what we see (perceiving) and what criteria we use to evaluate it (judging).

There are four different ways to perceive information and four ways to evaluate it.

We each naturally rely on one preferred way of perceiving information and on preferred way of judging it. As best we can tell this is essentially pre-wired into our neurology – similar to being right or left handed.

Of the two favored processes (one for perceiving and one for judging), we will rely heavily on one. This is our ‘primary function‘.

Our primary function will naturally pair with one of two different complimentary functions. This is our ‘auxiliary function‘.

The pairing of these two functions determine our personality type.

About The Primary Function:

  • It gives us energy
  • We can use it for longer and more effectively than the vast majority of people
  • It’s where our greatest genius is found
  • We unconsciously project it onto other people and assume they’re using it too (most are not)
  • It either relates to the inner world or the outer world. This is what makes us an introvert or an extravert
  • We’re using it most of the time
  • It’s so effortless for us that we often undervalue it’s worth

About The Auxiliary Function:

  • It leverages the power of the primary function and is usually the key to unlocking potential
  • It gives us the balance necessary to be an effective musician
  • if the primary function is extraverted, the auxiliary will be introverted
  • If the primary function is a judging function, the auxiliary will be a perceiving function

The 8 Cognitive Functions Are: