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Scott's professionalism coupled with his upbeat and passionate attitude makes for a truly fun and gratifying experience. By the end of our session, my mind was FLOODED with spectacular new information; he gifted me with clarity after years of searching, as well as a deeper understanding of myself. - Joseph Christopher

Scott James has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. His vast and thorough understanding of Myers-Briggs has led me into all manner of great conversations on the breakdown and day to day functioning of my friends, co-workers, and self. I have improved in my own art as a result of knowing Scott, and gained even deeper insight into those moments a fellow artist did something I ‘didn’t quite get’.

Scott is a consumate pro, and so passionate about his work. I highly recommend him if you want to take your own learning further, double down on your own skills and super powers, and otherwise max out your relationships inside and outside the musical and artistic world. He is, flat out, the guy. - Patrick Cronen

There's a lot of inaccurate information on Myers-Briggs floating on the Internet, and it is almost impossible to get a proper understanding of particular types and functions all on your own. I'd read tons of articles and even some books on the matter, but it was only through working with a professional like Scott, that I was able to finally clean up my knowledge and ultimately clarify my type. I can't recommend him enough! - Miko Wojtczak

The personality profile that Scott James did for me recently was a real eye-opener and I truly believe that anyone armed with this information can make lasting changes in their life. Scott was able to ask questions in a way that not only produced useful information he needed for my profile, but also made me more aware of who I really am while answering his questions. I found his suggestions and insight on my own behavior and how I relate others very helpful and appreciated the time he took to explain things thoroughly to me. - Kim Giles

Scott James is a brilliant profiler who truly cares about helping people. He understands musicians and was able to really get to the issues and figure out my true personality type in a short period of time. It was fun and I felt very comfortable talking to Scott. I highly recommend Scott James personality profiling. - Margaret McClure

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